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May 14, 2024
Version 3.7.3
New Content
Released part 1 of our Quick Tips video tutorial series.
General Improvements
Improved US NIIT estimator.
Updated Australian tax template based on upcoming July 2024 bracket/rate changes.
Under the Hood
Overhauled GCP cloud functions implementation, including test framework & CI/CD.
Streamlined PL repo structure to improve component sharing across projects.
April 16, 2024
Version 3.7.2
New Features
Simultaneous editing. When you make changes on one device, they should now propagate to any active tabs on other devices.
General Improvements
Created a video tutorial on Tax Analytics in ProjectionLab.
Modeling and visualization of items expressed in Today's vs Actual Currency should now be more intuitive, based on community feedback.
Improved US estimator for the taxable portion of social security benefits.
Added more posts to the help center.
March 4, 2024
Version 3.7.1
New Features
Overhauled the Help Center. This lays the groundwork for introducing higher quality educational content over the course of this year -- like getting started guides, advanced tutorials, etc.
Added Canadian provincial tax config presets for Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.
New Content
Launched our YouTube channel with a video on Getting Started with ProjectionLab.
Created a video tutorial on modeling Roth conversions in ProjectionLab.
General Improvements
Improved interaction of non-reinvested dividends with the cash-flow priority system, and tweaked dividend calculation methodology/assumptions to be more intuitive.
Updated UK tax config preset.
February 6, 2024
Version 3.7.0
New Features
Added Plugins page to Account Settings, where you can enable support for community plugins or review the Plugin API Docs to develop your own.
Created Danger Zone page in Account Settings, with option to clear data and start over from scratch.
If you would like some 1-on-1 help from a human, you can now book a 1-on-1 session for educational/training purposes.
New Blog Site
Overhauled and replaced the old blog site. Now directly integrated with the primary domain.
Updated existing blog posts and wrote several new ones.
Created blog/content search interface.
Added glossary pages defining common financial terms.
General Improvements
Added another light theme.
Improved granularity of referral tracking.
Updated design and copy on legal pages.
When sampling from custom probability distributions in Monte Carlo mode, dividends are now clamped to a min of 0.
Added cookie consent management interface to accompany referral tracking updates.
Increased precision of slider input when experimenting with Plan tab assumptions like investment growth rate.
Improved consistency of UI menu styling.
Under the Hood
Improved front-end code structure and modularity.
Refactored several large components, streamlined state management logic.
January 1, 2024
Version 3.6.3
New Features
Updated to 2024 tax brackets, rates, and account contribution limits.
Added 2023 historical returns/inflation data.
General Improvements
Structural tweaks in preparation for launch of new blog site (coming soon).
All designated Roth accounts now default to having no RMDs, since they will no longer be required.
Tweaked RMD scheduling to use the simulation year that ends at RMD age.
November 17, 2023
Version 3.6.2
New Features
Added Account Settings page.
Auth providers like email/password or login with Google can now be easily linked and unlinked from your account.
Added self-serve options to change account email address or reset password.
UX Tweaks
An indicator is now shown if connection to Google Firebase is unsuccessful.
Improved snackbar menu style.
September 5, 2023
Version 3.6.1
New Features
TCJA expiration is now assumed in US mode, and can be toggled on/off via Plan Settings > Tax.
Added Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) to US tax estimator.
Offset accounts can now be linked to mortgages to offset your balance and reduce the amount of interest you pay.
Real assets can now be automatically liquidated if needed via a checkbox in the More Options section.
Proceeds from real asset sales can now be routed directly to a specific account.
Added option to reduce capital gains tax on the sale of specific assets.
Drawdown order can now be used to dictate at what point eligible real assets should be automatically liquidated.
Added option for withdrawal strategy mode to treat calculated amount as desired annual spend vs total withdrawals.
General Improvements
"Contributions are fixed" cash-flow priority option is now available on more account types (HSAs, IRAs, TFSAs, ISAs, etc.)
Added separate HSA contribution limit options for family vs individual limit.
Accuracy improvements for US itemized deductions (e.g. debt limit for personal property mortgage interest deduction).
Updated default UK workplace pension contribution limits.
Option to tax only net rental income is now available for international use cases.
Tweaked savings rate metric calculation.
Bug Fixes
Account card growth labels are now responsive based on plan-level assumptions mode.
Improved estimation for US SALT deductions.
June 4, 2023
Version 3.6.0
Self-hosting is now available for Lifetime customers!
Open the account menu and click Self Hosting to request access to the self-hosting repository in GitHub.
Once you've cloned the repo and installed dependencies, you can spin up your own private deployment of ProjectionLab with just a few commands 😎
The self-hosted repo also includes instructions and automation to help with setting up authentication and encryption based on your preferences.
Rebuilt Landing Page
Redesigned the ProjectionLab landing page and deployed it as a separate project from the core app.
Note: the core app is now located at If you use the mobile PWA, you may need to reinstall it.
General Improvements
Added tax withholding option to Side Hustle income type, which can also be useful for modeling estimated tax payments throughout the year.
Improved in-app routing and forward/backward support.
Better UX when a subscription is past due, paused, cancelled, or a gift has expired.
For any users with connectivity issues to Google Firebase during the upgrade flow, localStorage is now used as a fallback to ensure data persistence.
Bug Fixes
Improved filtering logic for year-select modifiers in cases where the bound milestone has multiple criteria with both leading + trailing activation types.
February 21, 2023
Version 3.5.1
New Features
Redesigned Monte Carlo summary view.
You can now customize the definitions, names, and designs for how different success rates should be characterized and presented.
The random number generator for Monte Carlo mode can now be seeded if you want to preserve the same returns sequence across multiple runs.
You can now adjust the thresholds, names, and colors for different categories of success and failure in Monte Carlo mode.
General Improvements
Added historical data for 2022 to Monte Carlo mode.
Exposed data import/export API via object to support community plugin development (currently on Early Access site only).
January 18, 2023
Version 3.5.0
New Features
Released the new Tax Analytics mode, where you can review advanced visualizations for estimated taxes and income analysis. This includes detailed plots of income, taxes, marginal rates, effective brackets per income type, and how additional dollars of each type would be taxed.
Redesigned Sankey chart.
Rebuilt yearly summary panels and added more educational popups.
US tax mode now estimates IRMAA and medicare premiums during retirement, with the ability to toggle these on/off in Settings > Tax.
Added tabs to the Plan interface to improve navigation and discoverability.
Backdoor Roth IRAs can be modeled more easily via a new contribution limit option within the Roth IRA priority form.
Custom income items now include tax-handling options to distinguish between self-employment and wage income.
US tax estimation now includes the tax-free portion of any social security income, and improved accuracy for NIIT calculations.
Yearly summary metrics can now be rearranged, and panel appearance can be customized.
Added chart option for minimal design, replacing x-axis tick labels with a more modern style x-range button group.
Total Tax and Effective Tax Rate metrics can now be visualized in Monte Carlo mode.
Cash accounts now have a More Options section where you can define whether excess savings should be repurposed to support other goals.
Effective Tax Rate calculation method can be customized.
If you create a cash savings goal to build up to a target balance (e.g. for a down payment), you'll now see when it reaches its target balance in the chart and be able to use that as a binding for when other things occur.
General Improvements
Updated US RMD rules based on Secure Act 2.0
Updated contribution limits and tax brackets for 2023.
Increased accuracy of estimates for state-level US income and capital gains tax, as well as FICA tax when filing jointly.
Additional Standard Deduction is now factored in for eligible US taxpayers.
Savings Rate metric includes more details on calculation method.
UX tweaks for default milestones.
Added calendar year to time range selectors.
Added search bar for Pro dashboard.
Improved contrast for custom plots of single metrics when showing individual line-items.
October 10, 2022
Version 3.4.0
New Features
Redesigned forms to support a compact view and a full view.
Added liquidity settings, including option to disable withdrawals on specific accounts until a certain age/milestone.
Roth Conversion Ladders are now available for US tax-deferred accounts.
72t (SEPP) distributions can be modeled for US retirement accounts.
Added multiple 72t calculation methods: RMD, fixed amortization, or custom.
Added analyzers for 72t and Roth Conversions to the account forms.
Bond allocation over time can be specified with the Advanced editor for more precise data entry.
Loan term can now be set directly by clicking the initial "Years to pay off" value, and monthly payment will be updated accordingly.
Added option to choose which metric is used for wealth tax computation.
Y-Axis chart setting to always start at zero if possible.
General Improvements
Changed the default Life Expectancy milestone to "End of Plan", with a broader range of criteria types to improve flexibility for couples with different life expectancies.
Adjustments to Plan data model. Migration should happen seamlessly.
Added newsletter link to homepage and navigation drawer.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue with settings persistence for 529 plans inherited from the Current Finances section.
Resolved unintuitive behavior when cloning plans that use unique starting conditions.
September 6, 2022
Version 3.3.2
New Features
Switched website analytics over to a privacy-friendly GA alternative that is cookies-free!
Expenses can now be tied to specific accounts if desired, which can be helpful for things like paying for education expenses out of a 529 account, or medical expenses with an HSA. This is a more generalized replacement for the old "Fund with Taxable Investments" option. Existing expenses using the old option should be migrated to the new system automatically.
529 plan contributions can be marked as tax-deductible.
General Improvements
Improved accuracy of US rental property tax deductions.
Added optional QBI deduction for net rental income and carry-forward losses.
Optimized web bundle for faster page loading times.
Pricing Update
Bumped up pricing for new users based on feedback from the community. All existing users are grandfathered in at their current rate.
Bug Fixes
Sliders for milestone criteria now work better for fractional inputs.
August 9, 2022
Version 3.3.1
New Features
Redesigned home page.
Added data recovery feature (using browser localStorage) for free tier users who accidentally close their tab before upgrading and enabling saving.
Automatic progress point creation can now optionally be disabled via the ellipsis menu on the Progress screen.
General Improvements
Pages loaded asynchronously now show a "Loading content" indicator if the connection is slow.
Added more detail to tooltips on charts within the advanced change-over-time interface.
July 31, 2022
Version 3.3.0
New Features
Redesigned Current Finances, Dashboard, Progress, Plan Settings, Monte Carlo screens, and other UI components.
Added alternate Withdrawal Strategies, allowing you to explore classic withdrawal strategies from FI literature or suggested by the community (VPW, X% Rule, Clyatt 95%, Guyton-Klinger, etc.), and compare these textbook approaches to your own plans.
Improved Monte Carlo interface and added ability to visualize mulitple metrics per run.
Mobile design and usability improvements.
Progress Points are now created automatically whenever you update Current Finances.
Created stats panels for Monte Carlo mode to show details like median, average, stdev, smallest, largest for the selected metric.
More metrics can also be plotted in monte carlo individual trial view.
Added bar chart option for monte carlo individual trial view.
General Improvements
Total Expenses metric now includes the items from Debt Payments and Taxes Paid From Last Year, which are still shown as separate metrics.
Added fullscreen view for Sankey cash-flow chart, with better mobile support.
Nav drawer now includes a link to the Early Access site.
June 24, 2022
Version 3.2.0
New Features
Added Sankey chart to visualize cash-flow for each simulated year.
Created Filing Separately option to improve support for countries that don't have joint tax filing.
When planning as a couple, you can now change your display name and choose icons and colors to represent you and your partner throughout the app.
Added two ways to model loan forgiveness. One: the "Forgive At" input in the debt form's More Options drop-down... or two: with a "Custom Income" item routed directly to the loan.
Cash-flow priorities now support dedicating a % of remaining income, offering more flexibility for how to direct cash-flow.
Added slider controls for milestone criteria and plan variables (e.g. return rates, inflation) so you can rapidly experiment with a series of adjustments and visualize how things change.
529 Savings Accounts are now modeled as an actual account type (with several configuration options) rather than as an expense. Migration logic should port existing events into the new representation, but it's a good idea to double-check.
Events can now be copied from one plan to another via the Duplicate button.
Added calendar year milestone type, and new chart option to display x-labels as calendar years.
Couples can now define separate/joint ownership details for income, assets, and expenses.
Better support for planning as a couple even if you're not married yet. Add your partner to Current Finances, incorporate their data into your plans, assign ownership accordingly, set tax filing status to Separate, then create a milestone with Tax Consequences to switch over to joint filing when you get married.
Updated international tax presets to default to filing separately where applicable.
Accounts with customizable dividend tax handling now include a "Tax-Free" option.
Yearly summary pane can now be filtered to show just the metrics you care about.
Added optional summary metric "Net Earned Income", which includes estimates of net income per source. Note: the actual tax calculation system works independently based on aggregate numbers, so these estimates are separate and don't directly impact results.
Some expense types and cash-flow priorities can now be modeled as payroll deductions, which won't usually impact the aggregate results but can help with estimating net income per source.
General Improvements
Updated start/end year alignment and semantics to try to make the presentation of results more intuitive and more consistent with the chart labels. This may cause some existing items to appear to shift by a year, so this is a good time to review the timing of your events.
When planning as a couple, some yearly summary categories like Net Worth and Taxable Income now have nested breakdowns with subtotals by person.
Added "at spouse's age" milestone criteria type.
Chart tooltips and yearly summary sliders now show both account primary's age and spouse's age.
Added select options in time range inputs relative to spouse's age.
You can now change the account that existing cash-flow priorities are mapped to (limited to accounts of same type).
May 26, 2022
Version 3.1.0
New Features
You can now gift a subscription to a friend or family member! You'll get a code they can redeem right away, with no need for them to enter a credit card.
Added more options to cash-reserve / emergency-fund priority types, adding flexibility for different saving strategies that differ from building up to a set target balance.
Created cash-flow priority option to "Spend/save anything left over" to improve support for different budgeting philosophies.
Made it possible to switch easily from one subscription plan to another.
Milestones can now be quickly deactivated/reactivated via a button in the tile dropdown.
General Improvements
Added an About Me section to the home page including my social links.
Implemented activate-on-scroll (AOS) animations for home page, wizards, and dashboards on first load.
If you cancel a subscription, you now retain access to premium features until the next bill date.
Updated unsaved changes icon in event form header to reduce confusion.
Prompt about saving data is now shown earlier during onboarding.
Improved hover/click UX for toolbar items.
Compare mode must now be finalized before navigating away to other plans.
Bug Fixes
Fixed computation issue with recurring asset purchases that scale up over time.
Improved state income tax estimation for Illinois and California.
Resolved invite link warning when activating client accounts in pro mode using the same browser.
Improved accuracy of start date for catch-up contributions on specific account types when planning as a couple.
Tweaked savings rate calculation to improve consistency across different withholding scenarios.
major release
April 3, 2022
Version 3.0.0
Key Highlights Since v2.0
You can now create your own plots using whatever combination of metrics you want, turn aggregation on or off, choose colors, set plot type, view tabular output, export data, etc.
Introduced Milestone system, bringing a new level of flexibility to your planning experience with support for conditional logic, tax consequences, and bindings to the start/end of anything in your plan.
Created advanced editor for precisely modeling how things change over time: accounts, events, plan-level growth/inflation rates, etc.
Rebranded from ProjectiFi to ProjectionLab!
Released Pro version for financial advisors.
Added Sandbox mode for new users to skip onboarding and see how things work using a template persona.
Compare Mode: review deltas between plans or test multiple changes, with ability to roll back if needed.
Added international tax presets and investment account types.
Enhanced US tax estimator.
Historical data with custom start and loopback years can optionally be used in deterministic mode.
Added Help Center, with searchable answers to frequently asked questions.
You can now track actual progress and compare with initial projections.
Major performance improvements for both UI and core simulation engine.
Complete UI redesign and data modeling overhaul.
And much more! Review the release history below for more detail 😃
April 3, 2022
Version 2.7.2
New Features
Multiple worker threads can now be used in Monte Carlo mode for improved performance on runs with a high number of trials. Speedup benchmarked at ~3X for 1k trials with 8 workers.
UI control to adjust number of worker threads as desired.
Added more Help Center topics.
Bug Fixes
Improved display of Historical Sequence column in Monte Carlo trials table when "Random + Non-Chronological" sampling is used.
April 2, 2022
Version 2.7.1
New Features
Added Help Center, with searchable answers to frequently asked questions.
Created advanced editor for exploring custom sequences of returns/inflation in deterministic mode.
Notes can now be added to any event within a plan, an entire plan itself, and individual items in Current Finances.
General Improvements
Added 2 more templates for mid/late career.
Rental income can be classified as self-employment income if desired (in US tax estimation mode).
Progress point dialog now clarifies workflow for updating current finances vs recording historical progress.
Spouse's Retirement milestone now displays using their name if you specify one.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue with form validation for cash-flow priorities that have employer contributions expressed as currency values.
Improved input field behavior when entering negative numbers.
March 25, 2022
Version 2.7.0
Rebranded from ProjectiFi to ProjectionLab!
New Features
Advanced editor to model change over time! Build your own graphs to model things like change in income, expenses, asset values, and account growth rates.
Milestones now support multiple criteria with conditional logic, so you can do things like: "Net Worth > 25*Expenses and Mortgage Paid Off or Age 55, whichever comes first."
Milestones are now more flexible and support a wider variety of metrics and calculation options.
Added previews of alternate representations to custom change-over-time editor to help clarify the effects of the graphs / control points you create.
Take any plot and view it as a table via Chart Options > View > Table.
Data from table view can be exported to CSV or JSON.
Added "Goal Heatmap" as one of the built-in chart types.
New Monte Carlo sampling option: Historical, No Looping.
Made it possible to edit starting conditions sections directly from the Dashboard by clicking the corresponding stat cards.
General Improvements
Deprecated custom income option "Add directly to investment bucket", and replaced with "Route directly to account". Please double-check that the migration logic chooses a suitable receiving account when it ports any existing income items that had been using the older setting.
Milestones can now be rearranged via click-and-drag within the Settings interface.
Clicking a row in table view opens the corresponding age in the yearly summary panel.
Updated HSA contribution limits for 2022.
Updated RMD table and life-expectancy factors for 2022.
Improved home page.
Bug Fixes
Improved handling of duplicate dataset names in custom plots that use non-aggregated metrics.
Fixed tooltip position issues that sometimes occured in zoomed-out bar charts.
Fixed currency formatting issue with en-IN locale.
Improved consistency of goals that hit contribution limits displaying in the correct summary category.
February 26, 2022
Version 2.6.0
New Features
Create your own plots! Launch the new Plot Builder from the chart dropdown or chart options menu. Add whatever metrics you want, turn aggregation on or off, choose colors, set plot type, and more.
Faster simulation engine. Deterministic mode should feel more responsive, and Monte Carlo should be about 3x faster than v2.5.0.
Compare mode: review the deltas between two plans or test several changes in one plan with ability to roll back if desired. Accessed via: Advanced > Compare.
Milestones can be assigned tax consequences. This opens up the possibility of modeling things like the tax implications of moving to other places.
Historical data with custom start and loopback years can optionally be used in deterministic mode instead of the standard fixed-rate long-term growth assumptions.
Recurrence patterns can be defined for asset purchases/sales and several expense/income types, with option to define stopping point and/or scaling factor.
Added histogram to Monte Carlo mode showing distribution of outcomes by age, with ability to split view or focus on a specific chart.
Added Withdrawal Rate metric.
When deterministic mode is using historical data, the key datapoints for each year are displayed in a new summary expansion panel.
Preferred chart types can be assigned for each built-in plot individually.
Weekly and Daily frequency options for income/expenses.
Added summary category "Passive Income" which includes dividends, investment growth, and any income sources marked as "Passive" in the UI.
Dividends and investment returns can optionally be excluded from Passive Income using a setting at the account level.
New milestone types for when passive income reaches criteria.
Extra option for individual financed assets to not count loan balance as a detractor in Liquid Net Worth calculation.
General Improvements
Added warning for any years where early withdrawal penalties are incurred.
Updated default selected datasets and chart types.
Hovering milestone icons and variables in the plan view now activates the corresponding menus directly instead of showing a tooltip first.
Switching between compatible milestone types no longer resets to the default input value.
Improved menu transitions.
Added historical returns/inflation data for 2021.
Updated yearly summary category colors to improve consistency and reduce visual noise.
Added completion rate to Conditional Milestones table in Monte Carlo mode.
Made changelog visible on home page and via /whats-new route.
Chart option to control animation duration.
Bug Fixes
Fixed calculation issue with US primary residence capital gains exclusion.
NIIT threshold is now assumed to increase over time matching inflation.
Fixed issue where time-range modifiers for pay-extra type goals linked to financed assets were being overwritten by changes to the linked asset.
Updated Monte Carlo mode to now display Final Net Worth column for failed trials as "Bankrupt."
February 3, 2022
Version 2.5.0
New Features
Milestones! Add as many as you want, define completion criteria, choose colors and icons, and bind them to the start/end dates of anything in your plan to simplify configuration and experimentation.
Added new table to Monte Carlo mode showing milestone completion ages by trial percentile.
Two new stacked plots: "Stacked by Account" and "Stacked Liquid Net Worth"
Monte Carlo net worth percentile plot now only shows milestone icons that occur at fixed ages.
Stacked plots can now be rendered as stacked bar charts.
Updated templates to use some example milestones.
Added Liquid Net Worth dataset to Net Worth plot.
Introduced tax preset for Israel and KH account type.
RSS feed for release history.
Chart option to disable gradient fills.
Chart option to disable smooth curves.
Chart option for whether to include financed assets within Debt datasets.
General Improvements
Added real rate of return calculation info for deterministic investment variables.
Improved form input design (e.g. age range selectors show milestone icons/colors).
Updated contribution limits and tax brackets for 2022.
Most accounts with early withdrawal penalties now have the option to not permit any early withdrawals.
You can now choose when individual accounts should be considered "liquid" in the Net Worth plot.
Added "Liquid Net Worth" expansion panel to yearly summary.
Early withdrawal age inputs for accounts now refer to the starting age in each simulated year rather than the ending age.
Redesigned Stacked plot to display Equity in Real Assets rather than always classifying mortgages as debt. Total debt is now shown beneath the x-axis.
Improved y-axis tick configuration for plots with datasets that go negative.
Chart options menu now uses expansion panels
Bug Fixes
Fixed preview card reactivity issue that occurred sometimes in cloned plans.
January 22, 2022
Version 2.4.1
Enhancements to US Tax Estimation
Added estimator for rental property tax deductions.
Some potential itemized deductions are now factored in, e.g. mortgage interest for up to 2 properties, personal property tax / state income tax up to limit.
Any configured tax-deductible expenses can optionally be marked as deductible only when itemizing.
Itemized vs standard deduction is now chosen in each year depending on which seems better.
Added primary residence capital gains exclusion (projections assume this increases to match inflation).
New Features
Several expense types (e.g. charity) can now be marked as tax-deductible.
Chart option for how many event icons to show on top (e.g. all, milestones only, none).
Chart options to apply SI prefixes when formatting values in tooltips and yearly summary panels.
General Improvements
Improved in-app routing to support forward + back navigation more consistently and increase precision of bookmarks.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue with tooltip label for defined-benefit pension final / career-average pay when viewing in Today's Currency.
Inputs and UI elements with click-outside behavior now work more intuitively.
January 10, 2022
Version 2.4.0
New Features
Upgraded chart library, bringing improved performance, more controls, and better animations.
Age range selectors are now more flexible: you can include/exclude years or specify custom offsets, e.g. "Retirement+5".
Added support for 457b and Roth 457b retirement account types.
Plan preview cards in the dashboard now show key event icons (e.g. retirement) and overlaid progress.
New chart options: chart height, grid style, SI prefixes, overlap y-axis, show/hide first+last ticks.
Hold shift + click-and-drag the chart to zoom to a selection.
Use the scroll wheel while holding shift to zoom in on a specific point in the chart.
Added slider control to yearly summary panel.
Keyboard left and right can now step through years in simulation results.
Added button to duplicate plan items.
Monte Carlo mode now has more chart controls and improved color scheme.
Selected datasets are now persistent in deterministic mode, and selected percentiles are persistent in Monte Carlo mode.
Added "Match Inflation +/- X%" to yearly change options, which may be helpful for Monte Carlo simulations where inflation is variable.
General Improvements
Redesigned Plan screen using flatter and more minimal design elements.
Improved mobile/tablet usability.
Monte Carlo mode now illustrates bankruptcy more clearly in percentile chart.
Chart y-axis range now updates automatically when zooming in to look at smaller sections.
Generated return percentages from normal distributions in Monte Carlo mode are now clamped at the min of -100% for improved clarity.
Improved UX in plan forms.
Updated toolbar icons.
Improved plan preview design and controls.
Updated changelog UI.
Tweaked progress chart appearance and controls for better mobile usability.
Detailed form dialogues are now allowed to consume more vertical screen space.
Bug Fixes
Summary tables in Current Finances section can now be paginated without opening edit interface.
Custom income types can now be mapped to any cash-flow priority that requires a linked income stream.
Added to RRSP contribution limit: no more than 18% of earned income reported in previous year.
December 20, 2021
Version 2.3.2
General Improvements
Added SI prefixes to charts and summary cards.
UK-based templates default to pounds sterling.
JSON exports include date in default file name.
Chart tooltips now exclude unused asset types.
Added "generate income" option to custom assets.
Added account-level dividend tax treatment and reinvestment settings.
Bug Fixes
Tweaked validation timing for some forms/inputs.
December 12, 2021
Version 2.3.1
New Features
Cryptocurrency can now be modeled as its own asset class and is currently treated like a kind of taxable investment.
Added "Treat as dividend income" option to Custom income type.
Added SIPP account type for UK scenarios.
Added yearly fee modeling options to investment account types.
December 9, 2021
Version 2.3.0
General Improvements
Added Progressive Web App (PWA) support.
  • More graceful integration of version updates for active users.
  • Can be installed + pinned to taskbar, or added to home screen on mobile.
December 6, 2021
Version 2.2.1
New Features
Added more ways to model employee/employer contributions in cash-flow priorities.
Added dense view to plan interface.
Extra payment goals now have additional options, e.g. ability to model things like "pay off mortgage at retirement."
General Improvements
Plan previews now show hoverable warnings for a few kinds of common misconfigurations.
Added more form validation warnings when entered values seem surprisingly high/low.
November 24, 2021
Version 2.2.0
New Features
First release of ProjectionLab Pro! A new subscription plan for financial advisors and coaches.
Pro users can create and manage up to 10 client profiles. More available upon request.
Advisors can invite and link/unlink client accounts seamlessly.
Advisors can set permissions so certain clients can edit plans on their own, if desired.
Added Pro Dashboard for creating and managing client profiles.
November 12, 2021
Version 2.1.0
New Features
Added ability to capture actual progress and plot this on top of fixed-date plans to compare against initial projections.
Accounts are now modeled individually to improve accuracy and support future development.
Created plans dashboard to track progress, select and compare plans.
Sandbox / template picker to optionally skip manual onboarding.
Results can now be visualized in either Today's Currency or Actual Currency.
Introduced international tax presets based on preliminary research of rules, rates, and brackets for a handful of countries.
Added common international investment account types for countries such as UK, Canada, Australia.
Drawdown order can now be customized.
You can now define custom tax brackets for national and local income tax and long-term capital gains.
Dividend tax treatment can now be customized and defined separately for stocks and bonds.
Added financial transaction tax (FTT) option.
Added wealth / net worth tax option.
Financial goals section has been redesigned and refactored into Cash Flow Priorities. Please update/review your data for this section.
Specific accounts can be assigned custom growth rates that differ from the plan default.
Plans can now be created with custom Starting Conditions which differ from the Current Finances section.
Plans can be assigned either a fixed start date or bound to the current date. Fixed start date plans show progress points on top in the net worth plot.
You can now choose your own custom icons to assign to any event or plan.
Many inputs can now be modeled in multiple ways, e.g. yearly taxes, maintenance, etc. can be specified as either % of asset value or amount in today's currency.
Most amounts, contribution targets, etc., can now be modeled in either Today's Currency or Actual Currency.
Defined-Benefit Pensions are now an extra option within salary income streams.
Forms with debt/loan information now show estimated years to pay off.
Added "Change in Net Worth" expansion panel to yearly summary data, listing all things that affected net worth each year.
General Improvements
Redesigned Current Finances screen.
Redesigned event card columns in the plan interface to function more like pin-able tabs.
All event cards can now be rearranged with click-and-drag.
Redesigned plan settings interface.
Redesigned themes
Added step-by-step UI tour.
Improved Monte Carlo simulation speed by about 2x.
Added preview widget during plan creation process
Added more info for failed Monte Carlo trials.
Marital status is now defined in the Current Finances section. Make sure yours is correct.
When planning as a couple, ownership can now be assigned to each account to aid with calculation of things like RMDs.
Spouse retirement age is now an additional plan variable.
Added contextual warnings when some form field values look unrealistic.
Tax-deferred contributions now always reduce taxable income even in the basic fixed/effective tax rate mode. Taxable income shown in yearly breakdown as well.
Retirement account contributions can now be "fixed" so they occur every year regardless of priority order and whether or not there is leftover income.
Cash-flow priorities can be optionally assigned a starting and ending age.
Improved chart responsiveness when changing plot type, visible datasets, x-axis range.
Added select-all to chart/dataset options.
Improved mobile experience.
Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where changing state of residence affected all plans. Please update this setting in your plans.
Charts no longer interfere with scrolling on mobile.
Numbers can now be pasted into form inputs more reliably.
July 25, 2021
Version 2.0.1
General Improvements
Net Worth now shows in all chart tooltips in deterministic mode.
major release
July 14, 2021
Version 2.0.0
Summary of Changes Since 1.0
Monte Carlo mode with customizable simulations, variables, probability distributions.
Backtesting on historical data.
Multiple data persistence options for subscribers: cloud synchronization, localStorage only, or manual import/export.
Stock/bond allocation curve over time.
Improved support for international use cases (currency + locale selector, custom options and contribution limits for financial goals).
Ability to quickly switch between deterministic and probabilistic modes.
Better support for married filing jointly / couples planning.
Redesigned landing page, additional UI improvements.
And more!
June 25, 2021
Version 1.3.3
New Features
Added more options for dependents and 529 plans, such as specifying dependent starting age, 529 plan usage age, and any preexisting 529 balance / initial value.
General Improvements
Improved handling of chart event icons when looking at individual Monte Carlo trials.
Bug Fixes
Fixed currency input bug in Safari.
Added fallback currency parser to handle rare cases where vue-currency-input library exhibits unexpected behavior.
June 22, 2021
Version 1.3.2
New Features
Added more granular controls in Monte Carlo mode and improved parameter descriptions.
Created vested RSU Grant income type which goes directly to taxable investments.
Added general option to "Other Income" events to directly modify investments.
Implemented advanced option where you can choose to sell some taxable investments to help with large asset purchases or expenses, which can be useful if you want to ensure yearly savings go towards maintaining contribution levels on other financial priorities, such as tax-advantaged accounts.
UX Improvements
Made display currency inputs more user-friendly.
Onboarding and new plan wizards now auto-scroll to top after each step on all devices.
Added create-a-plan button to today screen, visible if user has no plans.
Bug Fixes
Fixed inflation-related bug in Monte Carlo simulations.
Resolved issue with onboarding flow for users that create an account before getting started.
June 16, 2021
Version 1.3.1
New Features
Redesigned landing page.
General Improvements
Updated mobile layouts.
Added high-level summary to privacy policy.
June 9, 2021
Version 1.3.0
New Features
Introduced Advanced Simulation mode, featuring backtesting on historical data as well as custom Monte Carlo simulations.
Added option to choose custom yearly contribution limits (or the US defaults) for various investment types.
Created tax filing status picker to accommodate both "Single" and "Married Filing Jointly". Wedding events now have a checkbox which can update status to married. Updated tax bracket data and investment account contribution limits.
Added lifetime subscription option.
Added "Tax-Exempt" option to income streams.
June 3, 2021
Version 1.2.0
New Features
Added currency and locale selector to Onboarding and Today sections. At the moment, this is for display purposes only and has no effect on underlying values such as IRS limits and US income tax brackets. Users leveraging the US-based auto tax estimation and related features should use USD currency, as the limit values are not recalculated for other currencies.
Implemented new options for how your data can be saved. Users can now choose between syncing data to the cloud, storing only in browser localStorage, or manually importing/exporting JSON files.
Added 7-day free trial for ProjectionLab Premium.
General Improvements
Made chart settings persistent (e.g. plot choice, time range, y-scale).
Inheritance tax handling now factors in estate tax exemption.
Added stock % to bond allocation chart tooltips.
Bug Fixes
Switching plans no longer produces the appearance of unsaved changes.
Other assorted tweaks.
May 12, 2021
Version 1.1.0
New Features
Added customizable stock vs. bond allocation over time.
Updated scrollbar styles.
Bug Fixes
Fixed unfortunate typo in Minnesota income tax brackets.
Repaired issue where unchecking max-out on auto-created extra payment goals was introducing NaN values due to a missing field in the data model.
May 2, 2021
Version 1.0.2
New Features
Added early access notification and details to beta channel.
Increased precision on percentage inputs to 2 decimal places.
UX Improvements
Increased delay on initial welcome modal. Made contextual so it only shows up if the user hasn't already started creating a plan.
Improved discoverability of Hide/Show buttons for quickly comparing simulation results with or without specific items.
Bug Fixes
Addressed asset card display issue. Assets inherited from the today section now show the correct starting value.
Fixed issue with selling multiple assets in one year.
May 1, 2021
Version 1.0.1
New Features
Added release history page and new version notifications.
Mobile UX improvements.
Nav bar can now be pinned open by clicking top icon.
Removed theme selector from onboarding process.
Bug Fixes
Fixed unfortunate typo in Minnesota income tax brackets.
Other assorted tweaks.
Thanks to everyone for the feedback and discussion on Hacker News!
The outpouring of ideas, commentary, and feature requests is truly appreciated. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new functionality and improvements!
major release
April 12, 2021
Version 1.0.0
New Features
First Major Release!
Added tax credits and deductions.
Updated contribution limits and other US tax rules.
Added support for AMT and NIIT.
Introduced capital gains tax estimator.
Implemented hoverable event icons in plots.
First draft of onboarding process and create-a-plan wizard.
Updated UI styles and icons.
Added "More Info" references and links to other helpful resources.
Implemented unsaved changes widget.
Added more income and expense type presets.
Bug Fixes
Improved mobile layouts after initial usability testing.
Yearly summary expansion panel tooltips are now working properly on mobile and tablet.

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