I Quit my Day Job!

Kyle Nolan
2 min readPublished Nov 13, 2023

ProjectionLab has finally graduated from a side project to my full-time gig!

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It is time… for the update you have all been waiting for! 🙈

— drumroll —

After 2.5 years of bootstrapping ProjectionLab as a solo dev and side project on nights and weekends, I have officially quit my day job and am going all-in on PL! 🥳 🔥

It’s crazy to realize it has already been a quarter decade of hard work and persistence, gradually building up to this point.

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The story started when I went looking for a long-term personal finance planning tool. Something modern, fast, and nuanced, that respects your data, and is actually fun to use. When I couldn’t find the perfect one… apparently I blacked out and spent all my free time for the past couple years trying to build it!

I wanted to plan for a life of freedom. So naturally, I went from working 9 to 5 with a good work-life balance, to working 24/7 with no work-life balance! 😅

This jump to being full-time on PL is earlier than my personal financial modeling showed a robust chance of success for…

But I’ve realized that even in the worst case, I would much rather fail pursuing a dream than let a promising business I loved die on the vine and always wonder what might have been.

So, it’s time to set a few of the worries and risk mitigation tactics aside… and take a step into the unknown!

I never would have made it here without the consistent feedback and support from the PL community along with friends and advisors, and I am extremely grateful for all of you whose encouragement helped me build up the confidence to take the leap.

So I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone – the early adopters, the supporters, and the thousands who have trusted ProjectionLab to become a part of their financial planning journey 🙏

Looking ahead, there are so many plans and ideas I can’t wait to explore. Expect more updates, more engagement, new features, and perhaps a few surprises along the way!

To celebrate the start of this new chapter, new subscribers during the next two weeks can enjoy a 15% discount with coupon code: ALL-IN

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Thanks again for being a key part of the ProjectionLab story and for sharing in the journey with me ❤️


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