First Month of Full-Time

Kyle Nolan
2 min readPublished Dec 18, 2023

Reflecting on my first month of working on ProjectionLab full-time.

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A month ago, I finally left my corporate job and went all-in on ProjectionLab! 🎉

I have been building PL in public since the beginning. And over the past two and a half years of bootstrapping, it has grown to $24k+ / mo.

24k MRR

In the beginning, I never would have imagined this was possible. And without the support and encouragement from all of you in the PL community, it would not have been! That is something I will always be grateful for. 🙏

Now that I am full-time on PL without a safety net, I’ve noticed that one thing I struggle with is giving myself permission to ever relax or take a break.

Solopreneurship feels a little bit like the movie It Follows. 👻

The focus and clarity from going full-time is incredible. But whenever you are not moving forward, you know “It” is slowly and relentlessly catching up to you.

Do you finally have the freedom and flexibility to take a morning off and enjoy a hobby? Sure! … or maybe that’s when It will finally strike 😳

My hope was that going full-time on PL would restore some of the work/life balance that has been absent for the past 2.5 years. But I see that will only be possible if I actually allow it to happen.

In 2024, I think I’d like to work on that.

So here’s a question:

How many of you are successful at carving out guilt-free relaxation time?

And how would you describe your approach to balancing growing (and worrying about) a business with the other things in life you care about?

As always, feel free to shoot me an email or message on Discord or Twitter any time.


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